Dad Living On Golf Course Pretends He Got Pelted Whenever Balls Land In His Yard

A group of people lying on the ground outside

Living on a golf course can be a dangerous game.

If a golfer hits a ball the slightest bit off-line… boom. It could shatter a window, put a dent in a car, or even knock out an old lady watering her plants in the backyard.

If you have ever been in one of these situations, you know it’s easily one of the worst feelings in the world. As a golfer, we call this the walk of shame (getting your golf ball after you know you just hit it sideways into a backyard). But for one father, he THRIVES off this. He LIVES for it.

Every time a golfer accidentally hits a ball in his backyard, he quickly runs out there and lays on the ground, pretending like he just got pelted by the ball.

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment… I’m howling.

I actually feel bad for the golfer…

You can see the total shock on his face, wondering if he needs to call an ambulance, or just beg for forgiveness.

If you live on a golf course, it’s a classic, but if you’re on the course yourself, I recommend another classic… the fake snake.

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