Texas Baker Creates Stunning Life-Sized Deer Mount Cake

A deer statue with a person holding up a deer's antlers

I’ve seen several amazing taxidermy jobs… but I gotta say, this is a first for me.

Dusty Sinclair, a pastry chef from Sugarbelle Sweets in Corpus Christi, Texas, baked one of the most incredible masterpieces I’ve ever seen: A life-sized, whitetail deer, shoulder mount cake.

“This cake is by far my most favorite cake I have made. (I know I say that a lot) But seriously this cake would be a dream buck of a lifetime. Now I need someone to order an axis or black buck. BRING ON THE ANIMALS.”

I mean this thing looks so real, you could mount it on your wall and tell somebody you killed this nine-point last deer season and nobody would second guess it. Or, imagine your kid telling you they want a hunting-themed birthday party, and you show up with this thing? Mind blown.

Not only does Sinclair make insanely good cakes, she’s been known to make cakes of live-sized dorado, redfish, trout, I mean the list goes on and on and on.

Check her out for all of your life-sized animal cake needs.

Yellowstone cookies pretty badass too.

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