Scared Of Spiders? Here’s How They Take Care Of Them In Texas

** puts on “God Blessed Texas” by Little Texas **

I know a lot of the fellas out there are always on spider duty. Maybe your wife or fiancée or girlfriend or a girl you’re trying to impress has an encounter, you hear a scream that has to mean there’s a masked serial murderer in your kitchen…

Nope, it’s a spider.

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Think fast. Kill it with a paper towel. Flush it down the toilet just in case you didn’t crush it right. Or if you’re a nice guy like me, grab the little guy with that paper towel and toss him outside.

Easy enough? Sure, sometimes.

But maybe you suffer from arachnophobia, or you’re not on premises to dispose of the 8-legged cutie.

Enter Texas, and how they do it down there.

Problem solved.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock