Cleveland Browns Lineman Wyatt Teller Hauls Big Ol’ Gator On His Shoulders After Florida Hunting Trip

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What do football players do in the offseason?

Well, if you’re DeAndre Hopkins, you’re posted up next to the fire in your Luke Combs Crocs. If you’re Brandon Scherff it’s hunting, fishing and the occasional weekend Busch Light. If you’re Alvin Kamara, you’re busting your ass on the slopes in Montana…

But if you’re Cleveland Browns lineman Wyatt Teller… you’re wrangling some big-ass gators.

Wyatt was down in Florida recently, gator hunting with the Miami Dolphins’ DT Zach Sieler. At one point during the hunt, after downing the reptilian swamp beast, Teller picked that ol’ boy up, threw him over his shoulders, and gave him the fireman’s carry back to the truck.

A helluva workout… and looks like it’s gonna make a helluva nice pair of boots.

Naturally, the anti-hunting crowd and the animal lovers took exception to the photo op, but the hunt was perfectly legal via Clay Gully Outfitters. Not to mention there are over 1 million gators in the state of Florida, and hunting helps to control the population as well as protect other species from being wiped out by gators. Permit fees go directly towards conservation, and finally, gator meat is pretty damn good. I’d highly recommend trying it if you haven’t already.

Teller’s fiancée Carly shared the pic with the caption:

“So is this my wedding gift?”

Looks like it…

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