The 30 Best Times To Drink A Beer RANKED

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It started with a simple tweet.

A personal tweet, but one that got many folks talking…

Now I know I left out the shower beer here, but I added a follow-up saying the shower beer would fall in the 2a spot.

But then we moved to the mountains of Colorado and I was drinking a beer when it hit me…

There’s plenty to discuss, and debate about here.

The guys and I here at Whiskey Riff cracked quite a few, and came up with this official unofficial list. While I did start ranking these to some extent I soon realized it was impossible to get these in an order without disrespecting some of these precious beers. So, take it or leave it, but grab a few cold ones for the rundown.

These are the best times/places to have a beer beers…

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30. Post-game locker room beer

29. The brewery beer flight when you’re pretending to be a responsible beer drinker beer

28. The first beer when you know you’re going to drink more beer beer

27. Work lunch “should I have 2 or 3 beers” beer

26. Ski lift beer

25. Golf beer

24. $15 concert tall boy beer where you end up spending $200 on beer beer

23. Overpriced sporting event beer

22. Pool beer

21. Boat/lake/fishing beer

20. Tailgate (football) beer

19. Tailgate (before a concert) beer

18. Switching to beer from liquor because you’re too drunk beer and don’t want to yack on your lap beer

17. Beer in the Bleachers at Wrigley Field

16. Post-lawn mowing beer

15. Shower beer

14. Putting together furniture beer

13. Beach beer with sand on the rim beer

12. Cry into my beer beer

11. Switching to light beer after IPAs beer

10. Switching to beer after almost yacking on liquor beer

9. The once in a while PBR beer even though it’s not your favorite but hits the spot here and there beer

8. Dive bar beer from a dirty tap

7. It’s above 40 degrees beer

6. Hair-of-the-dog beer

5. 7am breakfast beer at the airport

4. Listening to sad country songs to get happy beer

3. Coors Banquet while staring at the mountains beer

2. The skunk ass dad beer that hits just right 100% of the time, especially when wearing jorts beer

1. Dad beer from the crumbling beige garage fridge covered in magnets beer (yes, this is the best beer)

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock