DeAndre Hopkins = BIG Luke Combs Crocs Guy

DeAndre Hopkins in a red jersey
Norm Hall/Getty Images

Embarrassing opposing cornerbacks is DeAndre Hopkins’ day job. I mean, the man has been a force as a wide receiver in the NFL since 2013, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

But breaking ankles and “moss”-ing people every Sunday during the season is a tiring and stressful job, and when you do it for at least 16 weeks in a row, you gotta find a way to wind down a little during the offseason.

So how does he wind down you may ask?

By sitting in front of a fire at his home, wearing the max comfort footwear that is Crocs. But these aren’t just any Crocs, they’re Luke Combs Crocs.

That’s right, Hopkins posted a picture on his Instagram story of him chilling by a fire, rocking a pair of the country star’s very own Crocs…. the newest edition, LC3s.

One Carolina boy to another, both superstars in their own way, connecting over the simplest of pleasures… comfortable feet. Gotta love it.

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And speaking of the Cardinals, DeAndre and J.J. Watt will be reuniting next season in Arizona.

Is it football season yet?

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