Twitter Has A Field Day After Browns QB Baker Mayfield Says He Saw A UFO In Texas

Baker Mayfield reading a newspaper

Ah the NFL offseason, a time filled with rumors, twitter drama, and aliens.

Wait what…

Yes, according to Browns QB, Baker Mayfield, he’s convinced that he saw a UFO late last night in his home state of Texas coming home from dinner.

Mayfield was with his wife, Emily and they apparently saw what he described as a ball of light heading straight down towards Lake Travis, which is in Austin, Texas.

Luckily for Baker, he’s not the only football player who is an alien believer. Former NFL WR, Nate Burleson chimed in this morning saying that he too has seen a UFO and that “Aliens definitely exist!”

Of course, Twitter had a field day with Baker thinking he saw aliens and the reactions were laugh out loud funny.

I have so many questions

Did anyone else see the light in Texas? Did they follow it in hopes to find out if aliens are real? Can the Aliens play linebacker for Cleveland next year? I’m gonna need a little more context from the former Heisman winner.

And as they say everywhere else on the internet…

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

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