Alan Jackson Honors George Jones With Flawless “He Stopped Loving Her Today” Tribute Performance And HOLY CHILLS

Sheesh, why am I sweating from my eyes right now?

A video resurfaced on YouTube of Alan Jackson singing at country legend George Jones funeral back in 2013, covering one of Jones’ all-time classics: “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

Fighting back the tears, Jackson delivers an incredible rendition to the crowd, the auditorium at the Grand Ole Opry erupting with claps and cheers as he hits the crescendo of the ’80s classic.

You can tell Alan was doing his best to keep from breaking down, as Jones was an inspiration to himself as well as tons of other country music singers. But as he approaches the final notes, he just can’t quite fight it any longer.

He pulls off his cowboy hat for one last goodbye, and with a tear in his eye, works up the strength to say, “We love you, George.”

Talk about cutting DEEP.

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A beer bottle on a dock