Youngstown State Assistant Coach Lays Out Opposing Player On The Sideline… Banned For Rest Of The Season

A group of football players on the field

Not gonna lie, I didn’t even know college football was happening right now.

But it is happening, and not only is it going on, we have assistant coaches on the sidelines using the truck stick on opposing players.

According to TMZ, Youngstown State’s Director of Player Personnel, Tim Johnson, appeared to lower his shoulder towards Northern Iowa wide receiver Quan Hampton as he ran out of bounds on Saturday. Not expecting to get railroaded by a coach, Hampton hit the deck pretty hard after the blow.

Hampton didn’t have any injuries from the collision, but he was clearly upset at Johnson’s actions. No flag was thrown on the play, but YSU launched an internal investigation (because duh, everybody saw it), and have announced that Johnson is banned from the sidelines for future games. According to the school, Johnson has accepted the punishment (because he didn’t have a choice).

“I apologize to UNI, Youngstown State, the Missouri Valley Football Conference and our community for what occurred on Saturday.

And Johnson is no slouch himself. At 6’0, 245 pounds, he’s a former All-American linebacker for Youngstown State and also played bounced around a few teams in the NFL. He was inducted into the Youngstown State Hall of Fame in 2010.

I mean, the guy didn’t even step out of the way. With no pads or helmet too? Probably the kind of dude you want on your side during a bar fight…. which is exactly where Johnson is going to be watching the games from now on.

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