Viral Video Captures Two Pigeons Brutally Shoving Another Pigeon In Front Of A Moving Subway Train

Yellowstone, the Amazon, the Sahara… if you’re looking for the savagery of nature, look no further than the Fourth Avenue/Ninth Street station in Brooklyn.

You want that real down and dirty, mafia mentality kind of animal shit, go to New York.

I’m not sure how they handle their business in the slimy underbelly of the pigeon world, but it looks an awful lot like walking the plank for this fella that found himself plunging to his death via subway train. Ok, we’re not sure if it actually died, but the sadistic way these two pigeons lead this poor bastard to the edge of the platform, and shove him off right as a subway train is approaching is something you’d expect from a Scorsese flick.

Even the people watching were mortified that they just witnessed a murder.

“No… what? They’re killing the pigeon?! No way they’re killing this pigeon!”

And as always, TikTok was there with the jokes:

“Did we just witness a murder.”

“He owed them some bread.”


“The Goodfeathers.”

“The Godfeather sends his regards.”

“CIA robots kiling a real bird.”

“He knew too much, he had to go.”

“They fled the crime scene.”

The video has since amassed over 11 million views on TikTok.

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A beer bottle on a dock