The Milwaukee Bucks Debuted A “Hand Sanitizer Cam,” And It Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong

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Ok, whose idea was this?

One of the casualties of the ongoing global pandemic has been the Kiss Cam at sporting events. Can’t be kissing when you’re wearing a mask or social distancing.

But the Milwaukee Bucks came up with what they apparently thought was an appropriate replacement for the Kiss Gam given the circumstances: The Hand Sanitizer Cam.

Great idea, right? We’re all more conscious of germs these days, so let’s encourage people to use their hand sanitizer, we can stop spreading the COVID, and we’ll all get back to normal. Sure, cool, a public health campaign, something we can all get behind.

Well let’s just say it went HORRIBLY wrong…

Oh no…

Did… did nobody with the Bucks realize what that looks like? And that commentary…

“Came through dripping. Drip drip.”

“Oh it’s all over you.”

“May need to wash your hair out a little bit.”

I mean, COME ON.

Well the internet knew exactly what it reminded them of, and Twitter has all kinds of jokes right now.

There are only two possible explanations for this: Either the Hand Sanitizer Cam was created by some old dude who had no idea what he was doing, or it was some young intern who knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Those are the only options.

And how many people approved this? You’re telling me that NOBODY saw the graphics beforehand and thought, “You know what, that looks like…”

Either way, I don’t expect that we’ll be seeing the Hand Sanitizer Cam much longer now that the internet has made it into one giant horny meme.

Tough day to be in the marketing department in Milwaukee.

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