Zach Bryan Debuts Another Instant Fan Favorite, “Ninth Cloud”

Zach Bryan’s “Ninth Cloud” is pure, unapologetic bliss in musical form.

When the buzz is tuned just right, the outside disappears, and all that’s left in that moment is you and your special someone. When the hard times completely melt away, and the uncertainty of the future looks like fun…

That’s what Zach Bryan gives us in his latest song.

“Ninth Cloud” was recorded in a windy field with just Zach, a guitar and a kick drum, and even though the wind takes the audio down at times, Zach still connects with the audience on such a visceral level. He sings about hard times and the kind life-giving happiness that you can feel when you come out of them… or at least make the decision to not let them weight you down.

Plus, he throws in a great Robert Earl Keen reference, name dropping his song “Feeling Good Again.”

Them Christians are talking so often of coffins
But no heavens could top this moment now
I’ve searched and I’ve found
To get to that ninth cloud
You must trek through some dark and troubled ground”

And while I am extremely excited for Zach’s album with Dave Cobb, it’s these types of recordings and songs that give me and so many others that something-more feeling that seemed to be lost in music for a while.

I hope he never quits putting out songs like this…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock