Saints Twitter Goes Nuts After Alvin Kamara Is Filmed Catching Air (And Busting His A**) In Montana

A snowboarder doing a trick in the snow

Alvin Kamara has all of Saints Nation trembling in fear right now.

The star running back has been spending some time in the gorgeous state of Montana, kickin’ it with the boys, and even shredding the slopes on a snowboard for the first time… ever.

Bunny hill? Psh. The guy is already showing off some smooth moves on the slopes of Big Sky, and even catching some air.

And busting his ass in the process…

OOF… protect those wrists bro.

Needless to say, Saints fans are on the edge of their seats, begging the good Lord above that he doesn’t take a nasty fall and break his fibula or some crazy shit. Saints Twitter exploded in a fury of panic, some congratulatory props…. and a whole mess of hilarious Sean Payton jokes.

Perhaps the scariest part for Saints fans is the fact that, according to Kamara, he doesn’t even want to leave. Apparently, he’s bought a house there and everything.

Who could blame the guy though… you see those mountains?

I mean, I could get used to waking up to that gorgeous backdrop every day.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock