Dog Cornered By Three Young Wolves Barely Escapes With His Life After Gripping Chase

Wolves man… watching them hunt is an incredible experience.

Unfortunately for this pup, he was on the wrong side of it.

Filmed in Italy, by Pablo Forconi, we can see the moment this pack of wolves snap into action. Calculated, precise… the leader gives the signal and they go charging forward, a three-headed nightmare for this poor doggo.

They pin him down up against the fence, in deep snow… he’s outmanned and overmatched. One of these wolves could handle this by himself, let alone three of them. As the dog attempt to flee, they cut him off like a linebacker seals off the edge. He makes a quick dash along the fence, but his speed is no match for the wolves.

With the wolves nipping at his heels, death is all but certain at this point. But out of nowhere, doggo pops through a hole in the fence like a damn ninja, and narrowly escapes in the nick of time.


According to our photographer, it was the inexperience of the wolves that might have cost them their lunch.

“Up until 3 years ago, seeing or photographing wolves was something quite rare. Now instead we are invaded by photos and videos of wolves standing still or walking, but seeing a scene of predation does not happen every day.

A few months ago I happened to watch some wolves chasing the deer (but I could not film them) and now 3 young wolves, less than a year old, trying to prey on a small dog, biting it twice. Their lack of experience and the low power of the bite have been to the advantage of the dog that this time managed to escape by jumping into a hole in the fence.

The dog was saved and today he was in the enclosure along with goats and other pets and in those few minutes that I observed him he killed a little chicken under the eyes of the owner who has not had time to save her.”

Doggo evades the wolves, but kills a chicken… the circle of life.

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