Wild Dashcam Footage Captures Woman Plowing Through Three Deer At Once

Growing up in South Carolina, taking back roads is a dangerous game.

It seems like the whole deer population in the county likes to hang out in the middle of the road after the sun goes down. It’s absurd how many times I’ve come inches away from a head-on collision with a deer while driving somewhere.

I’ve been lucky to avoid a nightmare situation like this a number of times (knock on wood), but for one couple, this nightmare became a terrifying reality.

Here we have a man and a woman driving on the road at 1:24 a.m. back in 2017. Dashcam footage records Kyle (the passenger), as he notices a wounded deer on the side of the road. He alerts the woman driving, and immediately after he acknowledges the hurt deer, he sees three more deer just chilling in the middle of the road. By then… it was too late.

The woman plows through the three deer like a bowling ball taking out three pins, and one of the deer rides up the car and destroys the windshield. Both Kyle and the woman are obviously terrified, as you can hear it in their voices.

As traumatic as this video may be, it could’ve been 100 times worse. If the woman would’ve had enough time to react to the deer in the road, she might have swerved in the other lane where there was oncoming traffic, causing a horrible head-on collision with another vehicle.

The scary part about this video is that it could happen to anybody. Stay safe out there folks, and keep your eyes peeled whenever you’re on the road.

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