Zach Bryan’s “Traveling Man” Gives Us A Glimpse Into His Free Spirit

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Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is a rare bird in today’s landscape of country music.

Unlike the popular approach of singers cutting their teeth in Downtown Nashville honkytonks, or worse, manufactured in an office for TikTok… Zach became a trailblazer of his own. As an Okie stationed in Washington state, he unexpectedly launched his music career by uploading YouTube videos while serving as an active-duty military member.

Zach’s unique approach to songwriting along with his consistently candid and gloomy spirit has attracted masses of country and Americana fans. Nowadays, with just over 190,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and a deal with Warner Records, Zach continues to feed the fire by releasing consistently impressive music.

His latest EP, Quiet, Heavy Dreams, released in November 2020, includes what I would argue to be one of his best songs, “Traveling Man.”

“Traveling Man” is a song that allows us listeners a glimpse into what life is like for Zach, an active duty member of the U.S. Navy; always off to the next location. He expresses the difficulties of holding onto relationships while always on the go, yet almost shows a love and appreciation towards always being a traveling man.

His natural gift of songwriting allows us listeners a glance into his unusual yet intriguing lifestyle.

“There’s some headlights burning down the highway
And I think that I may just hitch me a ride
‘Cause I’m a traveling man by trade, sir
We’re all runnin’ from the things inside”

Zach also recently released our first taste the quote unquote, “Dave Cobb Sessions,” with new versions of “Condemned” and Hell Or Highwater.”

And the raw, live version:

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A beer bottle on a dock