VIDEO: Lady Wins $300K At Vegas Airport Slot Machine Before Boarding Flight

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Picture this. You just spent a week gambling your ass off in Vegas, probably losing more money than you won.

You’re about to head back home sad, and then you try to test your luck one last time on a slot machine at the airport. Next thing you know… boom. You just WON 300 GRAND.

Well, this dream became a reality for one lucky woman, as she spent $0.25 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at McCarron International Airport in Las Vegas, and hit the f*ckin’ jackpot…


As you see in the video, she jumps around and claps her hands (a little underwhelming reaction, but hey she was probably in shock?).

The only issue is that she has to get paid out by the vendor IGT, and the verification takes about 3-4 hours. Needless to say, she probably missed her flight, but I’m sure she wasn’t too upset, she’s got $300k in her back pocket.



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