Clay Walker’s “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” Still Slaps

Eleven years later, and Clay Walker’s “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” is still a banger.


Not just because Clay Walker has recently been posting TikTok duets to remind us all why we love it, but for a couple other reasons.

For one, maybe it’s because the hit song wasn’t actually released in the ’90s (2010 rather), but you still get the “ultimate country decade” vibe throughout the entire three-minutes you are listening. Written by Galen Griffin, Doug Johnson and Phil O’Donnell, it has that upbeat tempo and western sound that made Clay Walker a staple throughout the ’90s, that same sound you don’t hear on the radio much anymore.

But also, this track is timeless… it is the ultimate clap back song in regards to a relationship.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” of country music, but I wouldn’t argue against it. Clay Walker sings about a man being too much of an idiot to realize the 10/10 that he was losing, and the woman finally just letting it all loose. It’s a go-to for anyone in need of an immediate confidence booster.

“Something ’bout the way she’s wearing her dress a little tighter.
Something ’bout the way she’s starin’, she’s lookin’ to start a fire.
Something ’bout the way she’s dancin’ and drinkin’ chill Patron.
If she’s lonely now she won’t be lonely long.”

Ladies, if you are ever bummed about a break up, put this one on high volume. It’s the kind of song you put on while you are getting ready to go out on a Friday night, and you remind yourself that you are fine without him.

I guarantee you that while someone may not have noticed what they had, someone else most definitely will.

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