Busch Beer Gives NASCAR Fans Opportunity To Name Cup Series Race At Kansas Speedway

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One of my favorite things about the College Football Bowl Season is seeing the new and sometimes weird sponsors of the different bowl games that pop up year by year.

I’ve seen the GoDaddy.com Bowl, the Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl, galleryfurniture.com Bowl, and several other odd ones. Of course, these are actual companies that pay lots of money to have their names on national television.

I’ve often thought about how cool and hilarious it would be for fans to get the chance to decide the names of actual sporting events.

With that in mind, what if I told you that for $1, you could have the opportunity to decide the name of one of NASCAR’s biggest races?

Busch beer is making an effort to get fans more involved with the sport, and is literally giving power to the fans by allowing them to pick the name of the NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway on May 2.

All fans have to do is donate $1 to Farm Rescue, a non-profit that supports family farmers across the United States, and include a name idea for the race.

A sign on a field

If you happen to be the lucky winner, your winning name will literally be on everything.

The logo, tickets, NASCAR.com, merchandise, and even on the field at Kansas Speedway. Hell, commentators and NASCAR legends Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon and Mike Joy will be saying the name constantly throughout the race.

All I gotta say is I have dibs on the Busch “I Want to be Formal, But I’m Here to Party” 400. Quote from the legendary Cal Naughton Jr. himself.

Boogity boogity boogity, lets go racin’ boys.

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A beer bottle on a dock