Terrifying Video Shows Tennessee Woman Saving Her Dog After He Falls In Frozen Pool, Gets Trapped Under Ice

Pure anxiety.

This is one of those videos where you can feel your heart rate increasing at warp speed in real time.

A backyard security camera in Murfreesboro, Tennessee caught the terrifying moment when a little dog falls into a pool that was frozen over with the recent deep freeze and snow storms.

Luckily, the owner catches this all from inside, and acts fast.

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Here’s what she had to say:

“This was taken in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on the morning of February 18th.”

“My bigger dog Olaf had started running around the pool so I went out on the porch to record them playing when the incident happened. I was lucky to be outside and was able to run to the other side of the pool where he had fallen in. Thankfully we have a local vet that lives in our neighborhood and she gave him ER meds to get him to the vet to save his life.”

“He has made a full recovery and we are lucky to still have him!”


When she can’t find the poor little guy…holy hell.