A Young Tyler Childers Performs A Back Porch Duet Of “Shake The Frost”

“You remind me of a Sunday…”

Taking it WAY back on this one.

All the way to back porches, bug spray and cold cans of PBR…

We’re flashing back to a fresh faced Tyler Childers performing one of his all-time great tunes, the heart-melting “Shake The Frost.” Recorded sometime around 2013, Tyler kicks the performance off with an impromptu line from the Donna Summer classic “She Works Hard For The Money,” before taking a swig of that PBR and beginning the song.

Joined by his pal Patrick Stanley, who sings harmonies and the second verse, it’s about as raw and wholesome as it gets. Just two kids making music for the love of the game.

Flash forward to today, Tyler is playing venues slightly larger than back porches, although I suppose you could consider Red Rocks one… giant… back… porch? Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a reach, but the dude is selling out arenas with Sturgill Simpson for fuck’s sake. Throw in some gold records and nearly a decade later, you’re looking at one of the best things to happen to country music in my life time.

And it all started right here.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock