A Young Coach Orgeron Makes In Appearance In NBC’s New Series ‘Young Rock’

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NBC debuted a new show the other day titled Young Rock that takes a look back on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life and some of his outrageous stories.

In the first episode, there was a look back at his time at Miami University.

The Rock played football at Miami from 1990-1994 where he was a defensive tackle in a backup role on the 1991 championship team. His time there overlapped with legendary coach, Ed Orgeron who was the defensive line coach.

The episode had a scene where Emmett Skilton playing Ed Orgeron talks to Johnson in the locker room and the voice is a laugh out loud funny take on Coach O’s raspy voice.

Now, to this actor’s credit Coach O does have a very unique voice that is difficult to replicate. With that in mind, this sounds like me trying to do an impressive after too many drinks. But hey, it was still pretty damn funny.

One thing Skilton did get right is the intensity level that Coach O brings when talking to someone. Maybe the “Young Rock” writers can work in a couple “Geaux Tigers” somehow.

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