Dillon Carmichael Releases Cheeky TikTok Favorite, “Sawin’ Logs”

Dillon Carmichael is bringing the heat (and the wood) these days.

Fresh off the release of his new single, the Jon Pardi-produced “Hot Beer,” the latest great thing out of Kentucky is once again bringing that killer voice and some tongue-in-cheek lyrics to his new release.

“Sawin’ Logs” quickly went viral after Dillon gave fans a teaser of the song on TikTok, racking up almost 2 million views since he first posted it last month. And when you listen to the lyrics, it’s not hard (no pun intended) to see why.

“I got this hickory bundle
And this fancy box of wine
Done went through all kinds of trouble
Just to get home and find
Her passed out on the couch
Buzzing like an old chain saw
This ain’t good
I’ve got wood
And she’s sawin’ logs.”

Brilliant. There aren’t many people doing songs about blue balls these days, but then again there aren’t many artists who could pull it off like Dillon does.

“Sawin’ Logs” was penned by Brice Long, Wynn Varble and Brandon Kenny, and like his last song, features Jon Pardi in the booth as the producer. And it’s one that Dillon has had in his back pocket for a few months now.

“This song was sent to me last year, and I fell in love with it immediately. Shayla and I have rocked out to this song since summer of 2020. I just really think the world needs a good laugh right now!” 


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock