Joe Buck Defends Himself & Troy Aikman After He Admitted To Having A Tequila In The Booth

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman are posing for a picture

Joe Buck is the news again, and as much as I can’t really stand the way he calls a game, I have to say that this is pretty stupid…

In a recent podcast with Colin Cowherd, Joe admitted that he used to have one large beer in the booth with him during baseball games. Largely as a reminder to have fun during the game, he would take sips from time to time.

So when he started doing Monday Night Football, Troy was more of a tequila guy so they’d each have a tequila and grapefruit to sip on during the broadcast.

And because we’re living in 2021, firmly entrenched in a social media cesspool, folks took that exchange to mean that Joe and Troy were getting smashed every night. Trust me, I would love to write a headline like “Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Booze It Up In The Broadcast Booth,” but that’s just not what happened.

And even still, Joe hopped back on Twitter to come out and defend himself (as well as Troy) after a million headlines like the aforementioned surfaced all over the internet.

And who gives a shit if Joe wants to have a beer or two during the game? Hell, I can’t imagine calling a game without having at least one.

I mean, we all remember Cubs legend Harry Caray, right?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock