Charles Barkley Says SEC Has The Worst Fanbases In “The History Of Civilization”

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Worst fanbase in history… GO.

For Charles, it’s SEC fans… and he’s even an SEC guy.

Charley Barkley, an Auburn alum, recently sat down on the Bill Simmons’ podcast, and they got to talking about the subject of “irrational fans,” and their reactions to commentators picking against their team. Instead of appreciating their expertise, they immediately think commentators hate them.

But Chuck didn’t just stop at irrational, he called SEC football fans the “worst in the history of civilization” in this context.

“You know who talks to me a lot about that? Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson. They do the SEC, which is the worst fanbases in the history of civilization.

‘You don’t say everything good about my SEC school, I hate your ass.’

He went on to say that all the Alabama fans he knows think everybody hates them, but the truth is, these commentators don’t care who wins.

“When I’m in Alabama, I got friends who are like, ‘We on CBS this week. Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson hate us.’ I got Alabama fans saying, ‘Man, Verne Lundquist and Gary hate us.’ I’m like, ‘Why do you all think that?’

I said, ‘They don’t give a shit who wins. I know both of those guys. They don’t give a shit about Alabama-Auburn football. They are here to do their job.’ But fans hear what they want to fucking hear, Bill. It’s that plain and simple.”

Context matters here, but there’s probably a fine line between the intense passion you see from the SEC fans, and irrational kind of fandom that Chuck is talking about.

They also went on to talk Zion Williamson, comparing his numbers right now to Charles’ own.

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