VIDEO: Guy Digs Car Out Of Snow, Goes Through Snow Storm, To Get His Wife Corn Dogs

When your wife wants corn dogs YOU GET YOUR WIFE CORN DOGS.

I don’t care how many feet of snow you have to dig your car out of, or how much risk you put yourself in, the corn dogs take precedence over all.

Snow and freezing temps have battered much of the country, but some are bracing the elements and going about their business as usual, ie a corn dog run.

In the news clip below from KSDK, a husband explains his journey into the elements to take care of the special lady in his life.

His wife ended up sharing the news segment on YouTube saying, “We live just outside of St. Louis and we had a huge snowstorm hit yesterday. I told my husband I wanted corndogs and he, being the loving husband that he is, went down to the grocery store to get me some corndogs. The local news was there, and this is what my husband had to say about what he was doing there… I can’t stop laughing.”

What a damn trooper.

Corn dogs and whiskey = a highly underrated meal.

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A beer bottle on a dock