Former Bengal Adam “Pacman” Jones Arrested After Knocking Bouncer Out In Chair-Throwing Bar Brawl

Adam Jones with curly hair
Hamilton County Sheriff

The barstools were flying in Cincinnati this weekend.

Former Cincinnati Bengal Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested this weekend after a brawl at the Clutch OTR bar in downtown Cincy, and the video shows the scene of the wild melee.

According to TMZ, the altercation started when Jones left the bar around 1 AM Monday, and was turned away by the bouncers when he tried to get back inside.

Pacman then allegedly pushed his way back into the bar and got into an argument with the DJ. Then when security tried to get involved, he took a swing – and it was on from there.

It’s not clear whether Pacman was one of the people on video throwing barstools, but at one point we see him standing nearby holding one as another unidentified man brandishes a stool while screaming “Fuck with me, I dare you!”

Crazy shit.

After police showed up, Jones was arrested for one count of misdemeanor assault. According to the police report, Jones “punched and kicked” an employee at the bar, “causing the bouncer to lose consciousness.”

Jones later went on Pat McAfee’s show to defend himself (this time without using barstools), claiming that the bouncer was actually the aggressor and that after Jones saw his brother getting beat up, he “did what I needed to do.”

This is just the latest in a long line of troubles for the former NFL player, who started his career with the Tennessee Titans in 2005. He was suspended for the entire 2007 season due to off-the-field issues, before being reinstated for the last two games of the 2008 season after being traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

He was cut from the Cowboys after he was suspected of being involved in a June 2007 shooting outside of an Atlanta strip club, before being picked up by the Bengals in 2010 for a tenure that would be marred with injuries and suspensions due to continued problems both on and off the field.

Jones also accepted a plea of disorderly conduct for his involvement in a February 2007 shooting outside of a Vegas strip club (I’m noticing a pattern here) and was later ordered to pay over $11 million to two of the victims, including former pro wrestler Tommy Urbanski.

Prior to this weekend, his latest arrest came in 2017 when Jones was arrested in Cincinnati for obstructing official business, disorderly conduct, assault, and a felony charge of harassment with a bodily substance after he spit on a nurse at the justice center.

A real winner we got here. Some people just never learn…

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