Ashley McBryde Debuts New Song “Whiskey & Country Music” At The Grand Ole Opry

It’s always a great night at the Grand Ole Opry when Ashley McBryde is on that stage.

Joined by Tony Emmanuel and Steve Wariner, it was her 19th trip inside that circle.

She delivered an another emotional performance of “Girl Going Nowhere,” “First Thing I Reach For,” and a new tune called “Whiskey and Country Music.”

“That’s a new one and I thought there was no finer room in the whole wide world to try out a brand new song, so that’s “Whiskey and Country Music.”

I didn’t write it by myself, Lord knows we had help. That song is so country it has to drive towards town to go hunting.”

After she finished, she closed the show out with a spirited performance of “Sparrow.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock