Morgan Wade Releases “Take Me Away” From Upcoming Album ‘Reckless’

David McClister

I can’t help but smile every time I see a new release from Morgan Wade.

“Take Me Away” is the second song released from her debut album Reckless, due out on March 19th, and this one is a bit of a change up from the grindstone type songs we’ve heard from her. The songs is about the moment a girl drops her guard, opens up and falls into the arms of her man fully for the first time. She tried to fight it, but there’s just something about him she can’t say no to…

“I wrote ‘Take Me Away’ almost two years ago. It’s about being vulnerable and letting someone in. Being able to let down your guard and really let someone love you.”

Although the die hard fans might recognize it a song called “Angry Bones.”

“I had never released the song, just played it live, but when I did, it was titled ‘Angry Bones.’ We went with the name ‘Take Me Away’ instead for the official track. It’s funny though, to see the reaction from people who thought ‘Angry Bones’ didn’t make the record. When they hear ‘Take Me Away,’ it’s kind of like ‘gotcha!’”

“Lay me down on the floor in your kitchen
Show my angry heart what I’ve been missing
Baby, take me away
I’m so tired of being alone
Won’t you rest my angry bones
Baby, take me away
I wanna feel something
Take me away.”

To say I’m excited for this album is an understatement.

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