Koe Wetzel Releases Part Three Of His Acoustic Video Series Featuring “Love,” “Forever,” & A Song About A Chicken Farmer

Another Thursday night, another acoustic live video with Koe Wetzel and Read Southall.

In the first video, Koe performed acoustic renditions of  “Good Die Young” and Cold & Alone” from his newly-released album Sellout, as well as Harold Saul High fan favorite “Ragweed.”

In the second, he led off with the OG Koe classic, “Something To Talk About” from his Noise Complaint record, before playing “Crying From The Bathroom” off the recently released Sellout, and the one-off single “Austin.”

And this time, in the final installment of this 3-part series, he’s back with “Love,” affectionately written by a “little punk” as Koe put it, as well as “Forever,” “Wine Glass,” and “Post-Sellout.”

As always, we’ll cap this post off with some wise words from Koe…

It’s the chicken farmer song that does it for me though…


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock