McDonald’s Brings Back Iconic Hi-C Orange Lavaburst

A glass of water next to a can of soda

Picture this: the year is 1998, you just finished up your little league game and your mom pulls into a McDonald’s. A happy meal with the orange Hi-C drink is about to hit your stomach, this is where your life peaks.

Well now, we can have some nostalgia in our lives as McDonald’s announced that they are bringing back the orange Hi-C to their drink machines.

After leaving the soda machines nearly four years ago, they’ve decided to bring the drink back this month in select locations and it’ll be available nationwide by June.

The decision was supposedly made due to the social media backlash they’ve received over the years since removing the item. Something about the fountain Hi-C, (and Sprite for that matter too but that’s a conversation for another day), hits different at McDonald’s.

Let’s celebrate this outstanding news with this nostalgia laced 1999 Hi-C commercial.

Simpler times…. simpler times.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock