Clint Black And Travis Tritt Wrote A Song Together And I Need To Hear It

Travis Tritt talking on a cell phone
George Rose/Getty Images

You can’t tease us like that, Clint.

The great Travis Tritt celebrated his 58th birthday recently, and the well-wishes were pouring in on Twitter all day. But this one from Clint Black definitely caught my attention.

That’s right, it looks like the two 90’s country legends teamed up in the writer’s room and penned a tune together. And I think I speak for everybody when I say we NEED to hear this song.

Clint and Travis are two of the first country artists I remember listening to when I was a kid. Not only would the two of them teaming up for a duet be absolutely electric, but the nostalgia on this one would be off the charts. Like the time they both performed at the Super Bowl halftime show back in 1994.

Travis hasn’t responded to Clint’s suggestion that they record the song (at least not on Twitter), but if there’s a petition to sign to get this one recorded just let me know where to add my name.

So happy birthday to Travis Tritt, and here’s hoping they team up to record this song and we all get a gift from these two powerhouses of 90’s country.

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