Brent Cobb, William Clark Green, & More Texas Artists Read Their Own Version Of “Mean Tweets”

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This is pretty damn funny.

While diggin’ through his phone the other day, Wade Bowen stumbled upon a video from last year’s Mile 0 Fest, where he reads a “mean review” that someone left about his music. It’s a lot like Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets,” but instead of tweets, we’re talking reviews.

“Just found this video on my phone from back when ya didn’t have to wear a mask on a plane… but I guess the internet was just as mean back then. Haha. Keepin’ me humble.”

Sam Hunt? Savage…

And as it turns out, a bunch of other artists at Mile 0 Fest filmed their own “Mean Reviews” and Jason Eady shared a bunch of them. It features Adam Hood, Brent Cobb, Jamie Lin Wilson, Mike Harmeier, William Clark Green, and Wade Bowen.

“Thanks to Wade Bowen for reminding me about this. Here’s a series of “Mean Reviews” we did down at Mile 0 Fest last year. Everybody was seeing these for the first time while they were reading.”

My favorite has to Brent Cobb…

“Is Brent Cobb part Native American Ewok?”

He just might be…


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