Throwback To Riley Green’s Cover Of The Matchbox 20 Hit, “3 AM”

Talk about a blast from the past.

I was just casually scrolling through the internet recently and a video popped up of a song I haven’t heard in years… Matchbox 20’s “3 AM.” And as it turns out, Riley Green covered it at a show was back in 2017.

Originally written by Rob Thomas, Jay Stanley, John Leslie Goff and Brian Yale in the early ’90s, it was originally recorded by a band called Tabitha’s Secret. Eventually, some members from that band including lead singer Rob Thomas would go on to form Matchbox 20, and the song was released as the third single off their debut album Yourself or Someone Like You.

Many people have misinterpreted the meaning of “3 AM” over the years (myself included), but the song was actually written about singer Rob Thomas’ mom was battling cancer during his early teen years.

Matchbox Twenty with an Alabama twang… you gotta love it.

It’s moments like this that you really miss not seeing concerts for the past year or so.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock