Luke Combs & Jameson Rodgers Team Up For New “Cold Beer Calling My Name” Video

Driving the ol’ beer truck.

For the new “Cold Beer Calling My Name” music video, Jameson Rodgers teamed up with Luke Combs (and apparently the good people are Miller Lite) to make sure these cold cans get delivered on time.

A modern day Smokey & the Bandit… you know, without Bandit, the Trans-Am, the cops… but hey, there’s a beer truck. The video also features cameo appearance from Drew Parker, Reid Isbell, and Dan Isbell.

“We swear Reid Isbell did not purposely throw that beer in the fire.

Luke Combs smacked one out of the air and instinct kicked in. Everything you’re seeing there is completely unrehearsed. Drew Parker said it wouldn’t blow up, I was telling everyone to back up, and it exploded all over Jameson and the film crew was rollin’ the whole time.

We’ll never forget those 2 minutes of filming, we laughed our dang faces off.”

Sounds like a good time, eh?

Just a good old fashioned country music drinking song… and I could use a cold one right about now.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock