Stone Cold Steve Austin & Brett Favre Go Head To Head In Bow Shooting Contest

Just guys being dudes…

On an upcoming episode of Straight Up Steve Austin, Stone Cold brought Brett Favre in for a good old fashioned, head-to-head bow shooting contest. If you’ve never the seen the show, the premise is really simple: Stone Cold does badass shit with cool people. He recently featured Luke Combs on an episode as well.

Taking aim at a sasquatch mannequin with explosive targets (which scared the hell out of Brett) on it, the two hall of famers went back and forth, trading bowshots.

What was on the line? Win or lose, Stone Cold was gonna catch a pass from Brett (hey, it’s his show, he makes the rules).

And as an avid bowhunter, Brett Favre’s skills were SHARP.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock