I Could Watch Whiskey Myers’ Acoustic Performance Of “Stone” Every Damn Day

“It never gets old…”

Everybody has their own list, but some songs just never get old… ever. No matter how many times you play them, no matter what the situation is, you’re never gonna turn down a chance to hear it.

For me, Whiskey Myers’ acoustic performance of “Stone” is one of those songs.

Accompanied by only an accordion, Cody’s powerful vocals combine with gut-punching songwriting for what amounts to a downright phenomenal performance. The conviction in his words… you just don’t hear that kind of thing too often these days. And for Cody, it’s 100% true:

“It’s just a song about my life unfortunately… A lot of people are real liking it and that’s really why we do this. People see things like that in their own life and maybe it’ll help them. Every word of it is very true, man.”

A commenter on YouTube summed it up pretty perfectly:

“It’s the kind of song you listen to once and you’ll listen to every day of your life.”

Like I said… Every. Damn. Day.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock