Gamblers Go Nuts When Viral Video Shows Eric Church & Jazmine Sullivan’s National Anthem Time

A stadium with a screen and a river in front of it

You gotta love gambling.

I know I do. I don’t love it when I mix it with too much alcohol, but that’s alright. Everything is fine.

Onto the big game tonight, Super Bowl LV between the Bucs and Chiefs.

If you’re a bettor, you know the Super Bowl has a ton of prop bets, with one of the most popular being the National Anthem length. Up until a video went viral on Twitter, most places had the over/under on the Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan’s Anthem length at right around 1:59.

That all changed when Zach Maskavich, a reporter in Florida, timed the Anthem rehearsal from outside the stadium.

See it here (don’t worry, you can’t hear it that well so it shouldn’t ruin anything for ya).

“Alright gamblers. Here is the timer on the practice of the National Anthem. 2:16 #SuperBowl #GoBucs #ChiefsKingdom”

So far, his video has over 630K views, and plenty of people angry at him for “ruining” the bet.

As shit hit the fan, gambling sites began scrambling to remove the prop bet altogether or update the time. As of my last look, I wasn’t even seeing the option for the bet any longer on Draft Kings, but maybe it’ll pop back up, adjusted of course.

Stay tuned. I have a hunch Eric and Jazmine are going to crush this thing.

(Nice kicks, Chief)

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