Eric Church & Jazmine Sullivan Kick Off Super Bowl With Soulful Performance Of National Anthem

A person in a white suit playing a guitar on a stage with Eric Church et al. in the
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You knew Eric wasn’t just going to walk up there and sing the national anthem like some regular Joe. To quote him, he’s a “stylist, not a vocalist.”

And as we know, he also wasn’t even going to do it until he heard Jazmine’s voice:

“My first response was no, I can’t… I’m a stylist, not a vocalist. But I heard it, I thought ‘that’s cool, that sounds like me.’ And then I heard her and I’m not missing a chance to sing with her. And that was it. Once I heard her voice I said ‘ok, I’m in.’”

But Eric stepped to the mic rocking that purple jacket, alongside the vocal POWERHOUSE that is Jazmine Sullivan, and the two crushed it.

Granted, anytime you try and rework the melody of the Star Spangled Banner, you’re flirting with disaster, but I think Eric and Jazmine knocked it out of the park.

Check it out.

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