Midland’s Mark Wystrach Mistaked Michael Phelps For Eli Manning At Eric Church Show


The fellas from Midland sat down with CMT to reveal a hilariously awesome story about the time frontman Mark Wystrach partied with Eli Manning at the Las Vegas Eric Church concert. Mark talked to him for half an hour, and given the fact that it was a pretty late night with A LOT of drinks, Mark placed a bet AGAINST the Giants who had a game the next day (smart move).

Except… it wasn’t Eli Manning. It was Michael Phelps…


Mark spent half an hour talking football with Michael Phelps backstage at the Eric Church show, and Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, didn’t once correct him.

It wasn’t until TJ Osborne texted them the next morning did they realize that it wasn’t Eli Manning.

“Which one of you thought Michael Phelps was Eli Manning?”

To be fair, I’ve had a few chances to yuck it up backstage and I can totally see how this would happen. Drinks start flowing, everybody’s excited, maybe it’s a bit dark and the fog machines are going… it’s not impossible to start mixing people up.

Doesn’t make it not funny as hell though.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock