Tyler Childers’ Tour Manager, Kyle Crownover, Throws Haymakers With Parody Of Morgan Wallen’s “Still Goin Down”

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If you don’t know who Kyle Crownover is, you’re about to find out real quick.

Kyle is Tyler Childers‘ tour manager, has a podcast (Keekers and Ferg), and posts a ton of these parody rewrites on mainstream country hits. Oh by the way, he also has his own EP coming out soon (stay tuned for more).

Given the news with Morgan Wallen, you knew Kyle was going to put his spin on something, and he chose “Still Goin Down,” tweaking the lyrics just a bit for his 30 second clip which 62,000 people have watched thus far.

Some not so subtle haymakers here.

He also gave “Sand In My Boots” a whirl.

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A beer bottle on a dock