TJ Osborne Shares Video Thanking Fans And Friends For Support After Coming Out As Gay

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Morgan Wallen may have dominated the headlines today, but Brothers Osborne had some big news to share as well, specifically TJ.

Frontman TJ Osborne publicly came out as gay.

And in addition to the article, he shared a video thanking his friends, family and fans for support, as well as offering up some other thoughts in this monumental new chapter in his life.

“This story always seemed too mountainous to tell but now that it’s been told I am at a loss for words as to how clear the path was all along.

Thanks to all of the pillars of people I have in my life and thanks to Sam Lansky and Time for carrying me across the finish line.” 

The support from both fans and fellow artists has been overwhelming with Miranda Lambert, Jon Pardi, Kacey Musgraves, Morgane Stapleton, Wade Bowen and dozens and dozens of other artists sharing their love and congratulations.

Big congrats once again, man.

The Bros also recently released a live performance video of “I’m Not For Everyone” from their album release party, one of my favorite tunes from the new album, Skeletons.

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