Colter Wall Is Working On A New Album: “Keep Your Ear To The Ground”

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Plainsmen rejoice, a new Colter Wall record is on the way.

Colter took to Instagram today to let his fans know that he and La Honda Records have been “cooking up a new project,” and I think it goes without saying, I’m excited.

“I’m here to tell ya,

La Honda Records, the band and myself having been cooking up a new project! Keep your ear to the ground.”

Colter is an honest throwback to old western times, and with perhaps the most unique voice in all of music, and captivating ability to craft a story, he’s taken his style to levels of popularity unthinkable before his emergence.

My wish? Murder ballads. Lots and lots of murder ballads.

Yeah, give me a love song or two and a few old-timey, western ditties in there as well, but let’s get into revenge, lust, bullets, and whiskey. Is that dark? Yeah, maybe… but it makes for damn great country music storytelling. And Colter is one of the best at it.

Here’s one of his best, “Kate McCannon.”

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