Cody Johnson Says He’s Dropping an 18-Track Album This Year

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Let’s f’ing go.

One of the best live performers you will see (if you could go to concerts) in country music is this guy right here, Cody Johnson.

Cody is one of those artists that sticks to his guns, not letting the money-chasing trends take hold of the music he puts out (even being on a major record label now with Warner). His deep cuts are as good if not better than his biggest hits, and he recently released an INCREDIBLE video with Reba for “Dear Rodeo.”

But, as a fan, your itch for the new music takes hold as his knockout Ain’t Nothin’ To It album was released just over two years ago.

That brings us to some great news for CoJo fans, as he recently revealed what he and the band have been up to…

“We’re sittin’ on top of an 18-track album that we’re gonna drop this year.”

For people that like actual country music, the countdown starts now.

Here’s a clip of Cody talking about the album process with Y100 in San Antonio.

In case you missed his cover of Reba’s “Whoever’s In New England”…DAMN.

And a Charlie Daniels cover to get you running through a brick wall.

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