Natural Light Brings Back Retro Cans & They Are BEAUTIFUL

A glass bottle of beer

Beer tastes better in a retro can… it’s just fact.

Remember when Miller Lite brought back the white retro can? Crisp, clean… call it a cheap marketing ploy, but I started drinking more Miller Lite that day. Coors Banquet in those stubby bottles? Delicious.

Natural Light has the reputation for being pretty popular among the college kids, but bringing these bad boys back just might expand their base a bit. You want hipsters and dads across the country drinking beer typically reserved for frat guys? Put it in a retro can.

As of right now, these vintage beauties will only be available North Carolina and South Carolina for a limited time (bummer), but I’ll tell you right now, after you test it out in the Carolinas, you have to send ’em nationwide.

I NEED it.

Shop the Natural Light Collection in the Whiskey Riff Shop

A person holding a trophy

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock