On This Date: Brad Paisley Releases Debut Single “Who Needs Pictures” In 1999

For over 20 years now, Brad Paisley has been one of the biggest faces in country music. With 12 studio albums, six Grammy’s, 14 ACM awards, and 15 CMA awards, it’s fairly obvious that he’s a modern-day legend in the genre.

And on this date, way back in January of 1999, Brad Paisley burst onto the scene releasing  his debut single “Who Needs Pictures”

The slow ballad was written by Paisley, Frank Rogers, and Chris Dubois and peaked at number 12 on the Hot Country Songs chart. The story portrays a man who finds an old disposable camera with undeveloped film in it.

The song progresses through the narrator’s memories of the trips and how he doesn’t need the film developed with his vivid memories. We later find out, that the person he is singing about has since left him.

“Somewhere in my closet
There’s a cardboard box just sittin’ on a shelf
It’s full of faded memories
And it’s been there ever since the night you left

Oh, just forgotten photographs
To remind me of the past
Oh, but I can still see everything just fine
Who needs pictures with a memory like mine
Yeah, who needs pictures with a memory like mine”

And the rest is history…

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A beer bottle on a dock