Yellowstone’s “Life According To Rip” Montage Is Packed With His Best One-Liners

Wise words from the great Rip Wheeler.

It seems like it’s been forever since Yellowstone ended (it’s only been since August), but Paramount Network does a great job of putting together bonus content to hold us over until Season 4.

We’ve seen the real-life Dutton ranch (which you can rent a cabin on by the way), built the complete Yellowstone The Soundtrack playlist, we’ve listened to more Ryan Bingham and Whiskey Myers than ever, watched the Stories From The Bunkhouse series, the 17-minute recap of Season 3… we’ve seen it all.

Rip’s “Fierce Loyalty,” Rip and Beth’s love story set to Tyler Childers’ “Lady May,” hell, I’ve even looked into the story of actor Forrie J. Smith, the real-life cowboy that plays Lloyd on the show.

This latest one, titled “Life According To Rip Wheeler,” is essentially a highlight reel for Rip, full of little nuggets of knowledge from one of the baddest dudes on television.

And the good news, Season 4 is already done filming, and should be airing sometime in early half of this year.

Get excited.

And also make sure to check out our Yellowstone The Soundtrack playlist, updated through Season 3. It just might be the greatest playlist ever created in the history of sound.

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