Leaked Video Reveals Nick Saban’s Pitch To 5-Star Alabama Recruit

You can pretty easily make the case that Nick Saban is the greatest college football coach of all time. He might even be in the conversation for greatest coach of all time, period.

His resume speaks for itself, but that doesn’t stop him from rattling off his accomplishments at Alabama to new recruits. How do we know? Because somebody recorded and leaked their chat with Coach Saban.

According to The Spun, the other side of that video was 5-star defensive end Enai White. The video was posted to Instagram (and since deleted) by White’s coach Cy Woodward, but either way, it seems like putting a coach’s recruitment pitch on the internet is a good way to NOT make the team, but who knows? White is also eying Florida, LSU, Ohio State and Penn State.

Regardless of who it was, former players were not impressed with the move.

Shitty move? Yeah, probably… but how damn good is Coach Saban right here? You can imagine that the number one question for anybody thinking about playing ball at Alabama is, “will I get to play?” And given the kind of talent they have, it’s a fair question.

But Coach Saban nails it:

“When they tell you that? First of all, it’s insulting, because I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you if you couldn’t play here….second, they are just telling you that Alabama is better than them.

Number three, if you talk to the players here they’ll tell you just the opposite. The competition is what makes them great. Marlon Humphrey practiced against Amari Cooper every day for 3 years.”


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