Aaron Rodgers Spotted Riding Around In The Back Of Pickup Truck With A Case Of Bud Light

A person in a red car

PEAK Wisconsin right here people (although a true Wisconsinite would have a case of Spotted Cow in the back).

Tom Brady and the Bucs sent Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers packing (no pun intended) last week, but that didn’t stop Aaron from making headlines. A viral TikTok depicting a mustached man with a Packers beanie in the bed of a truck with a case of Bud Light popped off the other day.

And this mysterious mustached man (near Lambeau Field) looked an awful lot like Aaron Rodgers.

Because it was…

Aaron confirmed that it was, in fact him, riding in the back of offensive lineman David Bakhtiari’s truck, with a cold case of Bud Light in the bed with him.

Although, we both know whose case that is…

Honestly, as a Bears fan, I’m really starting to like Aaron Rodgers. Blaspheme? Maybe, probably… but what can I say? He’s becoming a likeable guy.

And hey, we need a quarterback here in Chicago… whataya say Aaron?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock