Throwback To Read Southall Band’s Southern Rock Cover Of Tyler Childers’ “Whitehouse Road”

A man singing into a microphone

Kentucky substance, Oklahoma style.

I’m admittedly fairly new to Read Southall Band, but if you can pull off a southern rock cover of Tyler Childers, you have my attention.

Way back in 2017, the Read Southall Band performed in Stillwater during Oklahoma State’s Homecoming Week (must have been a hell of a time) and busted out a unique cover of “Whitehouse Road,” the Tyler Childers staple.

Putting his own spin on it (and forgetting some of the words, although he gave fair warning), the new approach adds a little more edge to the already sharp tune. Needless to say, the crowd absolutely loved it.

“I apologize if I fuck up some of the lyrics”

Wouldn’t be mad if these boys wanted to get in the studio and do this one the right way. Just saying…

Read and company recently debuted their wild new music video for their new single, “Where We Belong.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock